MessageFilterNames Property (MessageLog2 Interface)



This property returns a reference to an IMessageFilterNames interface.  The IMessageFilterNames interface provides properties that return strings which are the official names of the supported message properties that have been added to messaging for PI server versions 3.4.380 and beyond.  The purpose of the interface is to allow the user to easily form queries against these new server message systems, knowing which fields are possible from the available properties, and what the proper name is to be used when querying for specific messages using these fields. The interface is primarily used in conjunction with the List2 method of the MessageLog2 object to fill in the NamedValues collection which represents the filter criteria for the query. 




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a MessageLog2 object.

Enabling Operational Intelligence



It is also possible to obtain the IMessageFilterNames interface from either a MessageLog2 or MessageLog object by using the COM method QueryInterface.  In Visual Basic this can be accomplished using the set command to assign the object to a variable of the interface type.  Similar techniques are available in .Net. 

The interface works in conjunction with Intellisense displaying available properties in a dropdown as the code is written.