IsBatchAnchored Property (PIAlias object)


If set to TRUE, indicates that the data associated with the PIAlias data source is PIUnitBatch specific.

This PI-SDK version does not support this feature. You can set this property, but it has no effect. 




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a PIAlias object.



If a PIUnitBatch start time or end time is edited, related time series data may fall outside the time range of the PIUnitBatch. For example, an end of batch lab value may be assigned a time stamp equal to the batch end. If the batch end time is edited a few minutes back in time, the lab value is outside the batch time range. Creating a PIAlias for the lab value PIPoint, in the PIModule where the PIUnitBatch's are created, and setting this flag TRUE, ensures consistent relative times between PIUnitBatch and PIPoint archive data.



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