Value Property (PIAnnotation object)


The PIAnnotation’s value set or returned as a VARIANT.




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a PIAnnotation object.



This property can be a string or numeric VARIANT. It can also be set to any PISDK object (like a PIModule) that supports the IPIPersist interface. This allows you to use PIAnnotation's to store objects for later retrieval.


For PISDK objects, only enough information is stored in the Value to ask the database for the object back. It doesn't contain a copy of the data within the object. This happens within the SDK, so the object itself is returned to your program.


If the Value is an object that can't be retrieved, the IPIPersist persistence string is returned instead to aid in figuring out why it is unavailable.


The Value can also be a file. You can detect this by checking the IsFile property of the PIAnnotation. If it is a file, the Value is the full path name of the file when it was imported into the annotation. You can export the file by calling the Export method.

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