OnStatusChange Event (PIAsynchStatus Object)



This event is fired when the status of a call in progress has changed.  


Private Sub object_OnStatusChange(newStatus As CallStatusConstants)

The OnStatusChange event syntax has these parts:

Part Description

An object expression that evaluates to an object that implements the PIAsynchStatusEvents interface


The current call status from the CallStatusConstants enumeration.  See Settings below


The possible values for newStatus are:

Setting Description
csInitial Initial value before call is placed.
csInProgress Call has been placed and is in progress.
csComplete Call completed successfully.
csHasErrors Errors have been encountered during the execution of the call.
csCompleteWithErrors Call completed with errors.  See the call's errors collection.
csCancelFlag The cancel flag has been set for this call. Someone is trying to cancel it.
csCancelPending A cancel is pending on this call.
csCancelComplete A request to cancel the call has completed successfully.
csCancelCompleteWithErrors A request to cancel the call has completed but there are errors associated with the call.  See the call's errors collection.
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