PIGroup Object




The PIGroup object represents a number of PI system users which can be treated as a unit when assigning or evaluating privileges. Many server resources have both an owner which is a PIUser and an owning group. Each such resource has specific access specifications for the owner, the owning group, and a default access called World. Users accessing such a resource are checked against these access paths by the server which verifies if the connected user is the owner, in the owning group or just a member of the "world" at large. Given this information it determines the most lenient access privileges available for that user.

A user may be a member of zero or more PIGroups. By defining meaningful groups to own the server resources and carefully assigning users to multiple groups, one can manage selective access to PI server resources.

The list of users that make up the PIGroup is maintained in its PIUsers property.

The PIUsers and PIGroups collections and the PIUser and PIGroup objects are typically used by applications that are designed to manage a PI Server’s user base.  

This object supports the IRefresh interface.

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