PISDK Object


The PISDK Application object is the top level of the PI-SDK object hierarchy. Most access to PISDK objects starts with a reference to this object. Only a single instance of this object is present in any PI-SDK application. In Visual Basic, this object is implicit and does not need to be declared or created explicitly. Top level objects (properties and methods of the PISDK application object) in Visual Basic may be referenced by prepending PISDK to their names (for example PISDK.Servers), but this is not necessary and is typically only used when a naming conflict with another module is encountered.



This object supports the IPIGlobalRestorer, IPIAppIdentity, and the IPISDKOptions interfaces.


The first access to this object will cause the instantiation of the object in the caller's apartment (assuming it is a single threaded apartment). Subsequent calls from other threads to retrieve a reference to the PISDK object will receive a proxy to the object marshaled into their calling thread.

This object is independently creatable.


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