ConnectTimeout Property (PISDK Object)



A read/write property representing the timeout in seconds, used during connection attempts to servers. If the property has not been previously set a value of 10 seconds is used. This timeout can be overridden on a per server basis by setting the Server.ConnectTimeout property. Once a connection is made, the timeout for method calls comes from either the PISDK.Timeout property or the Server.Timeout property.



The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a PISDK object.


The ConnectTimeout property is stored in the Known Servers Table. To remove the server's setting and return to the default value, set the Server.ConnectTimeout property to 0. To force servers already using the default to a newly updated default value, you will need to call PISDK.Refresh on either one Server object or on the whole Servers collection.

Setting the property to a very small value (< 10 seconds) may not result in a call timing out quite that quickly. The PI-SDK is subject to limitations of the underlying communications and Server implementations.

The connection timeout setting used when communicating with PI2 servers is obtained from the PIPC\dat\pilogin.ini file if the section [Network], item ConnectTimeout is set.  A default value of 10 seconds is used if this is not set in the pilogin.ini file.  Changes to the pilogin.ini file will only take effect when a program is restarted.


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