BuildType Property (PISDKVersion object)



A Read-Only property which returns a constant from the pisdkBuildTypeConstants enumeration that indicates whether this PISDK library is a Debug, Prerelease, or Release build.




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a PISDKVersion object.



If the returned value is pisdkDebugBuild, this property does not indicate whether this is a debug build of an unreleased or released PISDK library.

Only Debug and Prerelease builds have timeout dates.



The settings for the returned value are:




This is a Debug build; that is, it has been specially compiled to allow effective on-line debugging. As such, it probably has very poor performance. Normally, such a build should not be found on an end-user system.


This is a Prerelease build, issued for evaluation or testing purposes. Not all functions have been properly tested. OSI Software tries to make prereleases reflect, as accurately as possible, the behavior of the final release. In spite of this, some functional behavior may be different in the released version. If you write code against a Prerelease build, you should retest it against the Release build, when that becomes available.


This is a Release build of the PISDK library.

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