PIUnit Property (PIUnitBatch object)


The PIModule where this PIUnitBatch was created.




The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a PIUnitBatch object.



A PIModule with its IsPIUnit property set to true is considered a PIUnit. PIUnitBatch objects can only be created on PIUnits. This is a read-only property.


The EndTime of the PIUnitBatch is used as a QueryDate when retrieving the module that is the Unit. If the batch is a running batch (no EndTime), then the current time is used.


All an application needs to do is check the EffectiveDate of the module returned by this call and see if it is at or before the StartTime of the batch. It should be that way unless the equipment changed during a batch (unlikely but possible).

The reason the EndTime was chosen was so an application could perform the test above and thus easily discover whether the module attributes changed during a batch. The application can choose to ignore that fact or alert the user that there was some change in the module. That change may be significant (like the change of an alias) or not. The application can examine the two or more module values that exist within the time span of the batch to determine what changed.

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