PIUser Object




The PIUser object represents a PI system user with certain privileges and restrictions. When opening a connection to the server the desired username and password are passed or defaults used. Subsequent calls through this connection are performed on behalf of this user and become subject to the limitations of the user.

Access by a PIUser to specific Server resources, is determined by the access rights assigned to that resource. These rights are typically split into, owner, group and world. When a connection requests access to a resource, the server determines if the connecting PIUser is the owner or belongs to the resource’s group and if so interprets the access rules in the most permissive sense. If the PIUser is not the owner or does not belong to the group identified by the resource, the access rights assigned to the World level are used.

A PIUser may be a member of zero or more user groups called PIGroup objects. By defining meaningful groups to own the server resources and carefully assigning users to multiple groups, one can manage selective access to PI server resources.

The list of groups of which a PIUser is a member, is maintained in the PIUser.PIGroups property. In addition a PIUser will have a default, and a current PIContext, a shared string from the server used by applications to identify classes of users. Each PIUser object also contains a brief description.

The PIUsers and PIGroups collections and the PIUser and PIGroup objects are typically used by applications that are designed to manage a PI server’s user base.  

This object supports the IRefresh interface.

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