ValueAttributes Property (PIValue object)



This Read/Write property returns the NamedValues interface to an MTNVS collection of attributes associated with this PIValue. MTNVS is a thread-safe version of NamedValues. It implements all the NamedValues and INamedValues2 methods and properties as well as native versions (prefaced by "MT") of the same.



The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a PIValue object.


The ValueAttributes available are dependent on the Server type and version. These values are returned in archive retrieval calls if the RetrievalAttributes property of the PIData or List Data object specified one or more of the keywords listed below.  

Only some of the attributes can be written to an archive event. The UpdateValue method can be used to add archive events with attributes by adding a NamedValues collection to the ValueAttributes of a PIValue passed to the method. If a NamedValue of Name "Questionable" is present, the Value of that NamedValue will establish the value of the flag in the PI server event. If a NamedValue of Name "Annotations" is present, the Value of that NamedValue is used as the annotation of the PI server event. Only the PI server can set the "substituted" and "annotated" attributes. For more information on annotations, see the related items on Annotations.



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