Server Object




The Server object represents a single server (data archive). Server objects are retrieved from the Servers collection and provide access to the basic entities represented on each server, such as points, point classes, digital states, users, and groups. Some basic properties are available from the Server object as initially retrieved from the Servers collection.

Typically a program will require a network connection to the server. Connections are established either by calling the Open method of the Server object explicitly or by accessing a property or calling a method of the Server object that requires server access, forcing an implicit connection.

Many of the services available through the Server object are accessed through its properties which return other objects. For example, the PIPoints property provides a PIPoints collection object for accessing the various points on a server.


This object supports the following secondary interfaces:

NOTE: When IRefresh and IRefresh2 are called on a Server object it doesn't refresh objects in the PIModule database (like PIModule's, PIProperty's, etc.) or batch database objects (like PIBatch's, PITransferRecord's, etc.). You must call Refresh on individual modules and batch objects (or collections of objects) to refresh them.

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