PITimeZoneInfo Property (Server object)



A read-only property returning a PITimeZoneInfo object for the Server.



The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a Server object.


The server's time zone information is retrieved and added to the client's PITimeZoneInfos collection. On subsequent calls, the server's time zone ID is compared with the locally cached time zone information and is updated if a new time zone is detected. The Server.PITimeZoneInfo property is intended for updates or new server time zones.

PI servers that do not have a time zone information table created by the PI server manager will automatically create a default time zone based on the operating system time zone setting. Upon the first call to the PI server of the Server.PITimeZoneInfo this default time zone will be persisted on the server with a GUID. The server will use that time zone information until the PI server manager replaces the time zone information file with an updated version.

The default PI server time zone typically does not have a time zone name. The SDK creates a time zone name for identification purposes in the local time zone collection consisting of the server name and server ID. For example, the server named "elephant" would be named "elephant{62364}". The number in the braces may also be a GUID.

Server versions of PI 3.3 and greater are able to provide time zone information. Servers of lesser versions will return an error.

Trappable Errors

In addition to generic errors (such as Out of Memory), the following errors may occur:

Error Description
pseSERVERTIMEZONEFETCH An error occured retrieving the time zone information from the server or adding it to the local collection.
pseNOSERVERSUPPORT The server does not support time zone information retrieval.
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