Path Property (Server object)



A Read/Write string property that contains the network path to a server. The path may be in the form of a fully qualified network name (e.g., an IP address (e.g. or a host name specified in the workstation’s host table or available from the local area network’s Dynamic Name resolution Service (DNS) (e.g. UNIT1SERVER). Setting the Path property updates the Known Servers Table and affects all subsequent access to this server from the workstation where the program was run.



The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a Server object.


It is recommended that fully qualified network names be used for path properties. They combine flexibility (you can change the IP address of the server machine without affecting clients) with reproducibility (local host tables may differ from machine to machine; the DNS may be changed or the choice of DNS server may be changed).

The Name property of a Server is independent of the Path. It is possible for a workstation to have several servers configured in the Known Servers Table with different names all sharing the same path though this is not recommended.  If this is done, care should be exercised to avoid having two open connections to the same path concurrently in a single application. 

For server objects representing a replicated PI3 system this property is Read-Only. You can not modify a collective's member path using the PI-SDK. This property must be modified on the PI3 server.

When this property changes, the OnEdit event is fired.

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