Port Property (Server object)



A Read/Write numeric property representing the TCP/IP port on the server where the PI server application responds to connections. Together the Path and Port properties are used to uniquely define a destination for a TCP/IP socket connection.  Writing to this property changes the persistent storage in the Known Servers Table for this Server.



The object placeholder is an object expression that evaluates to a Server object.


For server objects representing a replicated PI3 system this property is Read-Only. You can not modify a collective's member port using the PI-SDK. This property must be modified on the PI3 server.

The property value is a long.  When this property changes, the OnEdit event is fired.  PI on NT and UNIX servers are typically configured to respond ("listen") on port 5450, while PI on VMS servers use 545. Either system can be configured to use a different port.  On many servers, you can display ports where a "listener" has been opened by using this command:

netstat –a

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