The PI Web API is a RESTful interface to the PI system. It gives client applications read and write access to their AF and PI data over HTTPS. Use the links on the left to learn about the PI Web API in more detail:

The Getting Started section introduces the concepts of a RESTful service in the context of the PI Web API and describes some important general constructs and principles found throughout the API. It concludes with a tutorial demonstrating a simple HTML/CSS/JavaScript client that uses the PI Web API.

The Controllers section lists the top-level endpoints provided by the service. Each controller's detail page provides links to the methods exposed by the controller. Use these pages as a reference when programming client applications.

The Topics section provides links to detailed specifications of options and features that appear throughout the PI Web API. For example, several methods use time strings for input, output, and query filtering. The Time Strings topic describes the use and formatting of these strings.

The Changelog describes the incremental changes included in each release of the PI Web API.

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