GET assetservers

Retrieve an Asset Server by path.


This method returns an asset server based on the hierarchical path associated with it, and should be used when a path has been received from a separate part of the PI System for use in the PI Web API. Users should primarily search with the WebID when available.

URL Parameters

Status Codes

200: The requested server.

Sample Response

  "WebId": "I1RSDqD5loBNH0erqeqJodtALA",
  "Id": "96f9a00e-4d80-471f-aba9-ea89a1db402c",
  "Name": "MyAssetServer",
  "Description": "Sample Description",
  "Path": "\\\\MyAssetServer",
  "IsConnected": true,
  "ServerVersion": "",
  "ServerTime": "2014-07-22T14:00:00Z",
  "ExtendedProperties": {},
  "Links": {
    "Self": ""
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