Attribute Trait (Core Services)

Represents the attribute trait assigned to an attribute template or attribute to define a trait with a well-known relationship to other attributes. The trait can be used when referencing an attribute by path instead of needing to know the name of the attribute. For example, the path "|Pressure|[@Trait=LoLo]" would reference attribute with the LimitLoLo trait under the "Pressure" attribute. Traits may also have well-known behaviors. For example, attributes with limit traits will have the same Type and DefaultUOM as the parent attribute.

Attribute traits are divided into six categories: Analysis, Forecast, Health, Limit, Location and Other. Names, categories and abbreviations of all attribute traits are:

Attribute Trait Name Category Abbreviation
AnalysisStartTriggerExpression Analysis StartTriggerExpression
AnalysisStartTriggerName Analysis StartTriggerName
Forecast Forecast, Other Forecast
HealthScore Health Score
HealthStatus Health Status
LimitHi Limit Hi
LimitHiHi Limit HiHi
LimitLo Limit Lo
LimitLoLo Limit LoLo
LimitMaximum Limit Maximum
LimitMinimum Limit Minimum
LimitTarget Limit Target
LocationAltitude Location Altitude
LocationLatitude Location Latitude
LocationLongitude Location Longitude
Reason Other Reason