Common Error Codes (PI Web API Indexed Search)

The following is a list of common error codes and their definitions

Error Name Error Code Description
None 0 No error encountered. Request succeeded.
NotImplemented 1 The requested action or resource is not implemented. This can occur due to a typo or deprecated functionality.
Error 2 An unexpected error occured.
QueryNotSpecified 3 Query was not specified. Check your query and try again.
InvalidSearchSource 4 Invalid Search Source was supplied. Check your source and try again.
SearchAdd_FQDNLookupFailed 5 The FQDN lookup failed. confirm your settings and try again.
Searchsource_Notfound 6 Search source is not found. Check your source is valid and try again.
NameMustBeSpecified 7 Name parameter wasn't supplied and must be specified.
IDMustBeSpecified 8 ID parameter wasn't supplied and must be specified
NameAlreadyExists 9 The specified name is already in use. Choose another and try again.
MalformedFilter 10 Confirm your search filter is using the format key:value and try again.
InvalidCount 11 Count value supplied to query is invalid. Double check the count and try again.
InvalidScanIntervalORPtAttributes 12 Invalid Scan interval or point attributes were supplied.
ScanIntervalUnderRange 13 Scan interval under the lower limit. The interval should be between (min and max)
ElementNotFound 15 The specified AF element was not found
AFDatabaseNotFound 16 The specified AF database was not found
AFCategoryNotFound 18 The specified AF category was not found
SearchSourceNotReady 19 The specified search source is not in a Ready state.
SearchSourcePartialResults 20 The specified search source is in the process of being crawled.
FailedToCreateSearchSource 21 Search source could not be created. Check your input and try again.
InValidParameter 22 Invalid parameter was supplied.
FailedToCreateMatchedAttributes 23 Failed to calculate the matched attributes of a search result.
QueryWasTooGenricToScore 24 The wildcard sequence specified matched too many terms for scoring to be meaningful.
UnexpectedSearchSourceState 25 The search source is in an unexpected state.
CrawlerVersionChange 26 Index service detected a change in the crawler's version.
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