Data Server Licenses (Core Services)

The Data Server contains license information for various types of licensed items. Licensed items represent properties such as whether an application is allowed to connect, or the number of allowed data streams. License limits are specific to an individual Data Server. Each Data Server has its own license database.

The PI Web API refers to individual licensed items as Modules. Modules have unique, case-sensitive names.

The PI Web API requires that modules be explicitly specified by name. It is not possible to enumerate the modules on a Data Server through the PI Web API.

Please refer to OSIsoft Tech Support Knowledge Base Article 3157OSI8. The PI Web API also exposes information about data stream use, organized by module. This allows for the ability to determine how many data streams are being used by a given component or module, and how many remain available. The overall allowed point count of a PI Server can be determined using the pibasess.MaxAggregatePointModuleCount and pibasess.maxpointcount modules. Of these two modules, the module with the lower Total field indicates the maximum point count.

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