Performance Equations (Core Services)

Expression variables are references to attributes or points using relative syntax to the target, which is typically a database, element or a Data Server. Variables must be enclosed in single quotes. Calculations are limited to attributes or points which originate from a single server. Attributes which resolve to a static value (no data reference configured), are also acceptable. Examples of valid target and expressions:

Target Example Expression
none '\\myPIServer\sinusoid'*2
none '\\myAFServer\myDB\myElement|myAttribute'*2
Data Server 'sinusoid'*2
Asset Server 'myRootElement\myChildElement|myAttribute'*2
element 'myAttribute'*2
element 'myAttribute|myChildAttribute'*2
element '.\myChildElement|myAttribute'*2
element '\\myPIServer\sinusoid'*2
event frame 'myAttribute'*2
attribute '.'*2
attribute 'myChildAttribute'*2
attribute '..|mySiblingAttribute'*2

Note that some characters used in Performance Equations, such as ''' and '+', must be URL-encoded.

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