PI OPC DA Server

PI OPC DA Server Overview

OSIsoft has server implementations of two OPC Standards: the OPC Data Access (DA) standard and the OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) standard. This Overview page is about the PI OPC DA Server which implements the Data Access standard. (For information on the PI OPC HDA Server, refer to PI OPC HDA Server Overview.)
PI OPC DA Server is an OPC DA server for PI Data Archive. It implements the OPC Data Access (DA) standard 2.05a. It supports browsing, synchronous reads, asynchronous reads, read-on-change (also known as "Advise" data), and both writes and deletes.

PI OPC DA Server will allow any industry-standard OPC DA client application to read data from PI, insert new data into PI, or delete data from PI. The server allows access to PI Data Archive tags only. Access to the Module Database is no longer supported.
PI OPC DA Server can be installed on the same system as PI Data Archive, or it can be installed on a separate system. It can communicate with any number of PI Data Archives.

OPC Foundation Certified for Compliance logo is a trademark of the OPC Foundation and may be used only by written permission of the OPC Foundation. Any unauthorized use of the Certified for Compliance logo is prohibited.

OPC Foundation Certified for Compliance logo indicates that the PI OPC DA Server has been tested by an independent certification lab and certified to be compliant with the following OPC Specifications:
  • OPC Data Access (DA) 2.05a

Additional information about compliance testing, logo program, and a summary of test results can be found at www.opcfoundation.org.