PI SQL Client
PI SQL Client is a set of data providers and drivers that provide access to the PI System in a relational view, accessible through SQL queries. These data providers and drivers implement various industry standards or APIs to expose PI System data to third-party clients or applications, but PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine) is responsible for executing the queries. PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine) is a server component included in the PI Server and must be installed on the AF Server machine.

PI SQL Client belongs to the OSIsoft PI Developer Technologies family of products. These products support both the implementation of custom PI System applications and the integration of PI System data with other applications and business systems, such as Microsoft Office or SQL Server, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs), reporting and analytics platforms, web portals, geospatial and maintenance systems, and so on. The PI Developer Technologies suite covers a wide range of use cases in various environments, programming languages, operating systems and infrastructures. For more information on other PI Developer Technologies products and about licensing these products in your environment, please contact your account manager.