PI SDK Overview

The PI Software Development Kit (PI SDK) is a programming library providing access to PI Servers. The PI SDK uses an object-oriented, hierarchical approach to provide both read and write access to features of the PI Server. The PI SDK software consists of an in-process COM server, several common controls and dialogs, and supporting code libraries. The kit comes with on-line documentation, example code, various support files and tools.

The PI SDK runs on 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms and provides access to servers on all PI platforms. Both 32- and 64-bit native distributions are included in the PI SDK 2014 install Kit. Based on Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), the PI SDK can be used with most Windows programming and scripting environments. The programming library is designed for rapid development and deployment of custom applications. The PI SDK can be called from any language that supports COM programming such as VB6, C and C++, as well as .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET through the use of supplied interops.