PI Server Tools and Utilities

PI System Management Tools The PI System Management Tools installer installs several tools including PI System Management Tools (PI SMT), PI MDB Builder and the PI Interface Configuration utility. PI System Management Tools application includes dozens of plug-ins for managing the PI Server including plug-ins for managing archives, mapping and trusts, users and groups, firewall settings, and tuning parameters. For more details on the individual plug-ins, click here.
PI System Explorer This tool is automatically installed with PI AF Client and is used to configure objects that represent process flows, such as reactors, transformers, meters, boilers, heat exchangers. It is also used to define transfers, grant security permissions, configuration notifications and check work in/out of PI AF Databases. See more information here.
PI Collective Manager Installed by the PI System Management Tools installer as well as PI Server 3.4.375 (PR1) and later. This utility is used to create a new PI Server collective, look at the status of existing collective and their member nodes, and edit the collective and member node properties. You can also use the Collective Manager to force a 'failover'. Typically installed to: Start> Program Files> PI System> Collective Manager menu.
PI Builder PI Builder is a powerful Excel add-in used to create, modify, and delete PI points on your PI Data Archive as well as objects on your PI AF Server from within a spreadsheet. To install PI Builder, run the PI AF Client setup kit. After installation, the PI Builder add-in appears on the ribbon in Microsoft Excel.
PI AuditViewer Satisfies FDA 21CFR part 11 regulation requirements for generating accurate and complete copies of Audit Records in both human-readable and electronic form suitable for inspection, review, and copy.
PI Module Database Builder An Excel add-in automatically installed with the PI System Management Tools setup kit that is used to create, edit, and delete Modules, Aliases, and Properties on PI Server 3.3 or later.