PI System Management Tools

PI System Management Tools Overview

The PI System Management Tools (PI SMT) are a feature-rich tools used to administer the PI Servers from client connections. The PI System Manager Tools install kit is included with every PI Server and is available as a separate download. The installer PI System Management Tools includes the following programs. Running the main setup kit will automatically install and run all these individual setup kits.
PowerShell Tools for the PI System is a set of cmdlets for Windows PowerShell which allows you to manage a PI System. This enables PI System administrators to create powerful, reusable scripts for commonly needed or bulk system management operations. The PowerShell Tools for the PI System is available as an extra on the Tech Support website PI Data Archive Downloads tab.

PI System Management Tools plug-ins

The PI System Management Tools plug-ins include:
AF Link  (Operation) View current synchronization status between PI and AF, configure synchronization settings, and setup a new synchronization link between PI and AF
Alarm Groups (Alarms) View, create, organize and delete alarm groups
Archives (Operation) Create and manage PI archives
Archive Editor (Data) View, edit, insert and delete values in PI archives
Auto Point Sync list (Interfaces) Displays PI Interfaces configured to use PI AutoPointSync (PI APS) that write to the selected server(s)
Backups (Operation)     View the details of previous backups performed as well as perform ad-hoc backups
Batch Custom Names Editor (Batch)     View, create, edit and delete Batch Custom Names for use in BatchView
Batch Database (Batch) View, create, edit and delete batch items from the PI Batch database (including PIProperties, PIUnitBatches and PISubBatches) on PI 3.3 and later servers
Batch Generator (Batch) Create and configure PIUnits for the PIBaGen interface version and higher
Current Values (Data) Display updating snapshot values in real-time
Database Security (Security) View and edit the owner and group access for database security tables 
Digital States (Points) Create, edit, delete and copy digital state sets
Firewall (Security)     Create, edit, and delete entries in the PI Firewall table
Identities, Users, & Groups (Security)  Create, edit, and delete PI Identities, Users, and Groups
Interface List (Interfaces) View, start and stop interfaces
Licensing (Operation) View the PI Server's current License details (PI 3.4.370 and higher)
Message Logs (Operation) View PI Server and local PIPC / PI SDK log files
Mappings & Trusts (Security)     Create, edit, and delete PI Mappings and Trusts
Module Database (Operation) View, configure and edit view Module Databases
Network Manager Statistics (Operation) View PI Network Manager subsystem statistics
Performance Equations (Points) View, create and edit PI Performance Equation points
Performance Counters (IT Points) Create and configure performance monitor tags for the PI Interface for Performance Monitor
Ping (IT Points)         Create and configure tags for the PI Interface for Ping
PI Services (Operation) View PI Services on the selected PI Server and see current state 
PI Version (Operation) Displays PI server subsystem versions with extended information
Point Builder (Points) View, create, edit and delete PI points for PI 3 systems
Point Classes (Points) View PI Point Classes and PI Attribute Sets
Point Source Table (Points) View existing point sources, add new point sources, and modify the description of the point sources
Update Manager (Operation) View Update Manager statistics
Reason Tree (Operation) Create and manage lists of standard operator comments/codes that can be assigned to Alarm events
Security Settings (Security)   Control the security authentication methods supported by the server
Snapshot and Archive Statistics (Operation) Monitor the current snapshot and archive statistics for the connected PI Server
SNMP (IT Points) Configure tags for the PI Interface for SNMP
SQC Alarms (Alarms) Create, manage and view Real-time SQC Alarms
Stale and Bad Points (Data) Displays stale and bad tags
Totalizers (Points) Create and edit PI Totalizer points
Tuning Parameters (Operation) Edit PI Timeout Table (tuning) parameters (PI 3.4 servers only)