PI Data Archive
Current Version: 2017 R2 (3.4.415.1188)

PI Data Archive Overview

The PI Data Archive is a component of the PI Server that provides efficient storage and archiving of time series data.It is the cornerstone of the PI System and your data infrastructure, enabling high-performance data storage and retrieval by client software. Users can perform many tasks with their time series data, including, but not limited to, monitoring their processes, data analytics, process optimization, and so on. PI Server itself incorporates many new capabilities, including data modelling and analytics, and is now much more than a data archive.
PI Data Archive Version Comparison
Version 2015 2015 R2 2016 2016 R2 2017 R2
Version Number 3.4.395.64 3.4.395.72 3.4.400.1162 3.4.405.1198 3.4.415.1188
Future Data
Batch To Event Frames Migration
Automatic Corrupt Archive Detection x x
Online Archive Reprocessing x x
Event Queue Failure Detection And Recovery x x x
Event Queue Reset x x x
Connection History x x x
Collective Member Communication with Transport Layer security (TLS) x x x x
Network Manager Runs Under Least Required Privileges x x x x
PI Data Archive leverages Microsoft software security defenses provided by the compiler and operating system.  Due to its tight integration with the operating system, we regularly perform tests against the newly released Microsoft Security Patches. For more information, please visit the MS Security Patch Compatibility page.

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