OSIsoft Cloud Services Overview

The physical and economic feasibility of deploying more sensors means a lot more data is now available. That data now spans not only industrial processes but whole enterprises and their community of vendors and partners. To embrace this transformation, OSIsoft is delivering a new set of complementary Cloud Services to support customers and partners that require real-time capture, processing and sharing of very large numbers of assets and operational data. OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS) is a set of managed PaaS and SaaS offerings extending the reach and capabilities of the PI System infrastructure.

As a set of Cloud Services layered and deployed on top of Microsoft Azure, OCS offerings and features are updated on a regular basis. The roadmap and features sections below highlight the major evolution of the platform and more details are provided in our publicly available Service Blog. The documentation is also publicly available online.



Featured Services Q1 2017 Q2 2017 Q3 2017 Q4 2017 Q1 2018 Q2 2018 H2 2018 H1 2019
Identities & Security          
Distributed Data Ingress            
Distributed Sequential Data Store            
REST APIs              
Management & Tools            


Release Quarter Release Version Features
Q4 2017 Closed CTP for Partners Identities & Security
  • User authentication via an OSIsoft-managed Azure Active Directory (AAD)
Distributed Data Ingress
  • Support for data ingress via a secured OSIsoft Messaging Format (OMF) end point. The data is internally routed to the distributed data store by a pub/sub mechanism.
Distributed Sequential Data Store
  • Highly available, scalable and distributed sequential data store. Data can be segregated by namespace and managed through native or REST APIs.
  • All services expose REST APIs.
Management & Tools
  • Online documentation
  • Sample codes in Python, .NET, Java, NodeJS, and Angular JS
  • Users & roles management
  • API Console for testing the REST interface
  • Service blog for statuses and updates
  • USA, West region
Q2 2018 Closed CTP for Partners & Customers Identities & Security
  • Support for customer-owned directories (AAD only)
  • Support for customer roles and granular authorization
Distributed Data Ingress
  • Alpha versions of PI Connectors generating OMF:
    • OPC UA
    • UFL
    • Redfish
    • Modbus
Distributed Sequential Data Store
  • Support for granular security on namespaces and streams
Management & Tools
  • OMF editor and validation
  • Granular security configuration
H2 2018 CTP for Partners & Customers Identities & Security
  • Preview for multiple Identity Providers support
  • Adding deployment in Europe