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Current Release
PI Vision 2017 (formerly PI Coresight)
This release of the product is being renamed to PI Vision.A new functional user type restricts some users from saving or sharing displays.  A new table symbol allows data to be easily compared across assets.  Display navigation is enhanced to all time and asset context to be passed when opening a linked display.  When comparing events one or more reference events can now be pinned to a display to be compared to separate search results.  A new feature allows a group of symbols to be dynamically attached to the AF asset structure so that the display will update automatically based on changes in the structure.  A library of graphic symbols is now included so displays can be enhanced with common industrial objects, like tanks, pumps, motors, etc.  Finally features now allow symbols to be grouped together for more efficient display editing.
This release of the product is being renamed to PI Vision.New reduced functionality user type that can't save displays,  New Asset comparison table. Improved contextual display navigation. Compare reference (Golden) events.  Create dynamic collection of symbols based on AF.  Library of graphic images.  New display editor features.
Previous Releases
PI Coresight 2016 R2
This release will continue to enhance the display editor with more editing and configuration options.  A major new feature will be added to dynamically search for and compare events.  You will be able to specify asset type, time range, event type, event severity, and other parameters when performing an event search.  Also the extensibility framework will continue to be enhanced to allow more powerful custom visual symbols to be added to the editor.
Advanced event search
PI Coresight 2016

PI Coresight 2016 introduces a new HTML5 based display editor that allows users to create, edit or view PI Coresight displays in any desktop or mobile device browser.  The new editor allows absolute size and position of symbols.  Users are also be able to add graphic images to displays and draw basic shapes (line, circle, rectangle, etc.).  In addition this release includes the ability to compare similar Events via an auto-generated overlay trend and Gantt chart display.

The Silverlight based display editor included in previous versions of PI Coresight is not included in PI Coresight 2016.  Displays created with the Silverlight editor will be converted to the new display format during the upgrade process.

Ability to add a graphic as a background to a display. Line, circle, box, arc, etc. drawing tools Additional analytics features.
PI Coresight 2015
This release will support the display of future data, including new time bar controls and trend cursor to make investigating data easier. The pop-up trend on imported PI ProcessBook displays now supports a trend cursor. A "send email" button is now available on the top tool bar to easily create an email with a URL link to the current display. Using the hide/exclude feature in PI-AF 2015, unwanted AF attributes can be removed from PI Coresight search results so that only useful items are returned.
Display of future data New time bar controls
PI Coresight 2014
This release allows PI ProcessBook displays to be viewed in PI Coresight.  This includes a new home page to group and organize existing PI Coresight displays and PI ProcessBook displays.  The PI Coresight homepage and PI ProcessBook displays are rendered using HTML5 web pages and therefore are viewable on desktop and mobile device browsers.   The PI Coresight 2014 server release also supports mobile web clients using a HTML5 site suitable for viewing on any smart phone or tablet.  The functionality of the mobile web site allows searching for data items and/or displays and a list of recently viewed items for quick reference.
Viewing of PI ProcessBook displays. New Home Page Display Groups
PI Coresight 2013
PI Coresight 2013 will include support for hierarchical events and improved event interaction.  It will also allow a "master asset" to be passed as part of a URL parameter to set the context for a display.  This will also be the first release to support the PI Coresight iPhone app.
Hierarchical events support, Master asset URL support, iPhone Client app support
PI Coresight 2012 R2
This release will begin support for finding and visualizing Event Frames.  Based on the data items and time range of the current display a user will be able to see any related events and use the events to set the time range or add data items to the display.  Other features will include user configurable labels for display symbols and enhanced search features.
Related Events Friendly labels on symbols Enhanced search scope features Support for iPad Client app
PI Coresight 2012
The PI Coresight 2012 release provides the ability to quickly manipulate the context of a display based on related AF Elements.  Several enhancements to trending are also planned..
Asset centric display manipulation using AF Element templates.  Improved trending. 
PI Coresight
Initial Release of PI Coresight - the fastest, easiest way to visualize your PI System data.
Full Asset Support Graphics:     - Value Symbol     - Hortizontal and Vertical Gauges     - Radial Gauges     - Intelligent Table     - Trending Graphical Time manipulation Shared Displays

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