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Product Release
PI Connector for UFL
New ability to GET data from RESTful web services in addition to the existing listener for RESTful puts and posts.  Several other fixes to improve stability, robustness and performance.

·       Retrieve data from external REST web services – The connector can actively call external REST web services for data via a new REST Client channel.

·       The connector can now make better use of the existing memory and CPU - especially on hardware where these resources are constrained.

·       Data references - can now be created directly in an event frame.

·       Existing event frames - can now be updated.

Service Pack
PI Interface for OPC DA
Improvements to advise tags when excmax is surpassed, better control over timeouts with OPC server and numerous bug fixes
Advise tags successfully update with last good value when excmax is surpassed
  • New setting for OPC server connection timeout - A new parameter, /CT, allows the user to configure how long to wait for a response from an unresponsive OPC server before concluding that the connection to the server has been lost
  • Release
    PI OPC DA Server 2017
    The PI OPC DA Server has been refactored to use the AF SDK for data access rather than the PI SDK. It remains consistent with the 2010 release. For HDA functionality, please use the PI OPC HDA Server 2016.
    This release improves the performance of the PI OPC DA Server start up by keeping some if its configuration locally. The first restart after upgrade will perform identically but subsequent startups will be faster.
    Service Pack
    PI JDBC Driver 2016 SP1
    This release of the PI JDBC Driver is supported on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux.
    Bug Fix: in an application using multiple threads to execute queries in which each thread uses its own server connection, the thread may hang when closing the connection.

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