PI System Roadmap
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Product Release
PI Connector for OPC UA
Beta release.
The PI Connector for OPC UA is an OPC UA client that collects data from OPC UA servers and writes that data to the PI System.  The beta supports the following general features:
  • Discovers available OPC UA servers in the network
    Establishes a secure connection to the selected server
  • Browses the OPC UA address space and exports type definitions into a .csv file; this is the base for data selection
  • Replicates the selected parts of the OPC UA address space to AF elements and attributes
  • Subscribes to actual values of OPC UA dynamic variables and copies the events to PI tags  (PI tags as well as AF elements and attributes are automatically created)
  • Recovers history during startup and after reconnections
PI OLEDB Enterprise 2016
This release brings various performance enhancements as well as bug fixes.
This release brings various performance enhancements as well as bug fixes. This includes support for future data,and hidden and excluded attributes in AF 2.7.
PI Web API 2016
The PI Web API is a suite of REST services and APIs targeted at providing Web and Mobile programmatic access to PI System Data.
Access to AF Extended Properties, Security descriptors, improved search for Attributes and Event Frames, Admin tool enhancements, additional services to manipulate AF Attributes. CTP of a Shared Index implementation for PI Web API Indexed Search.
PI Server 2016
As part of PI Server 2016, this release will provide infrastructure support for the next generation PI Notifications.  Attribute characteristics will be added to allow users to designate attributes with specific meaning such as limits.

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