PI System Roadmap
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Product Release
Service Pack
PI Vision 2017 R2 SP1
This PI Vision service pack contains fixes for high-priority known issues.
No new features are introduced in this service pack.
Service Pack
PI Connector for Siemens Simatic PCS 7
Automatic history recovery can be turned on or off. FIPS compliant algorithms. Performance improvements and stability improvements
--FIPS-compliant Algorithms. The connector now uses only FIPS-compliant (Federal Information Processing Standards) algorithms for encryption, hashing and signing. --Automatic history recovery can be turned on/off. History recovery can be turned on/off using the HistoryRecoverySupport start-up parameter.
PI Connector for DC Systems RTscada
This release is focused on performance improvements and bug fixes.
• Monitor the liveliness of the connector – with the connector level heartbeat PI point. • Monitor connector metrics, datasource status, and configuration details – with the Connector Information element objects created in PI AF. • Additional logging of RTscada measurements – to show how incoming RTscada data is handled within the connector. • More granular datasource configuration – of RTscada configuration and data polling, data handling, and logging.
Service Pack
Patch release to resolve issues with existing functionality
• /RBO (Read Before Overwrite) now works with string tags. Previously, RBO would always post values to string tags even when an identical value was present. • The /SYNC_TIME parameter now is not applied during the input historical recovery. Previously the parameter caused events were removed from the archive when historical recovery was enabled.

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