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PI Vision 2019
The PI Vision 2019 release will focus on ad hoc trending capabilities and PI ProcessBook display migration. This release will also includes updates to the XY Plot and Events table to streamline security and authentication requirements across PI Vision.
  • Ad hoc Trending: Quickly select data from across displays to add to an ad hoc trending workspace where you can analyze and dive deeper into the data. This workspace is optimized for quick analysis, allowing you to make changes such as adjusting scales, hiding, and removing items with just a single click. A summary table will also be included in the workspace so that you have additional information on hand such as data item descriptions and summary calculations (minimum, maximum, average). 
  • PI ProcessBook display migration: A path forward for PI ProcessBook displays - this feature enables the migration PI ProcessBook displays into PI Vision as native, editable PI Vision displays.
  • Multiple trend cursors: Trends on displays and in the new ad hoc workspace will support multiple trend cursors for viewing and comparing data values.
  • Popup trend: The popup trend will be enhanced with many of the same capabilities as the ad hoc trending workspace. There will be a time bar for time manipulation, options to change scales, a table with data item descriptions and summary calculations (minimum, maximum, average), and undo/redo support.
  • Gauges: Specify the start value of gauges (where the shading of the bar starts) by choosing one of three options: the minimum value of the gauge, a configured target value, or a custom value. Scales for gauges will be able to be hidden.
  • XY Plot: XY ploy symbols will be able to be added to collections.
  • Usability enhancements:
    • Events table: Events options (Apply Time Range, Compare Similar Events) will be accessible from the context menu of the events table.
    • Navigation links: Navigation links will be more discoverable on a display. When hovering over a symbol with a navigation link, the mouse cursor will change to indicate that there is a link and the symbol's tooltip will display the configured hyperlink. Navigating will be a single-click instead of a double-click. A pop-up warning will no longer be displayed when navigating to a third-party site.
  • Security configuration: In the previous release, the XY Plot and Events Table symbols required additional configuration. This will no longer be the case, these symbols will no longer require the configuration of Kerberos constrained delegation and third-party certificates.

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