AL00278 - PI Developer Technologies freely available for download
We have made our PI Developer Technologies more easily available. Everyone with an account on the Tech Support website or PI Square is now able to download the PI AF SDK, PI Web API, all products in the PI SQL Framework (PI OLEDB Provider, PI OLEDB Enterprise, PI JDBC Driver and PI ODBC Driver), and PI OPC DA and HDA Servers. We are doing this to make it easier for you to build applications that leverage PI System data. We are also allowing everyone to blog in public forums about using our PI Developer Technologies tools, and to contribute to open-source projects that involve the PI System.


This does not mean that the PI Developer Technologies are license-free. You still need a PI System Access1 (PSA) license to deploy your applications. This is not a new requirement and we are not changing it. You might think of this as a run-time license. Talk to your Account Manager if you have questions about PSA licenses.


Manuals for PI Developer Technologies can be downloaded from the Tech Support Download site along with the software. Programmer documentation for PI Web API is installed with the product. Programmer documentation for AF SDK requires a download of the PI AF Developer Tools install kit.

Manuals are also available on PI Live Library. Note that AF SDK documentation is in a different location. We are working to make programmer documentation available online as well.

About Note 1

The PI System Access (PSA) license replaces the older Data Access (DA or DAP) licenses. The DA and DAP licenses are sufficient for deploying applications using the PI SDK, PI OPC DA and HDA Servers, and the older PI ODBC Client version 1.3.1.