AL00314 - PI Coresight is now PI Vision
As of 2017, OSIsoft is renaming PI Coresight to "PI Vision."

Why the new name?

OSIsoft is developing a unified visualization infrastructure to support customer needs for the enterprise as well as the wider community ecosystem.  This new name—PI Vision--better captures the direction of our visualization strategy. It represents the start of a new path and the next phase of OSIsoft visualization to deliver a unified, powerful, extensible experience.  We have one vision for visualization, and that is PI Vision.

PI Vision is the result of several years of research into what customers need: a seamless, integrated, mobile visualization experience.  To achieve that, OSIsoft is embarking on a fundamentally different approach. Instead of developing a separate tool for each aspect of data visualization, we are creating an integrated visualization infrastructure.

How will this change affect existing PI Coresight customers?

The initial impact is minimal. To existing customers, this is only a name change.  What would have been PI Coresight 2017 is now PI Vision 2017.

Existing PI Coresight customers who are current on SRP will be able to download PI Vision. 

Where can we get more information?

Contact your account manager, or if you are a new customer, contact OSIsoft Sales.