AL00332 - Invalid signature errors when accessing notifications components in PI AF Services 2017 R2

(Updated January 5, 2018)

The invalid signature issue described below has been  resolved with the release of an updated PI AF Services 2017 R2A install kit. This kit updates signatures and changes the version of notifications components (from to There are no other changes to the software.

If you already have installed PI AF Services 2017 R2 following the procedure under “Workaround”:
  1. Run the PI AF Services 2017 R2A install kit.
  2. Revert the verification level to its previous value.

 (January 2, 2018)

The PI AF Services 2017 R2 install kit includes some notifications components that were not properly signed with the appropriate certificates. This has resulted in “invalid signature” errors for some customers when accessing these components. For example, when accessing the email delivery channel, you may encounter the following error:

st-widget-{image: 1-=2-=2018 5-=09-=44 PM.jpg}


Until a permanent fix is available, you can disable verification for plug-ins with the AFDiag utility:
  1. From the computer where AF server is installed, open a CMD window as Administrator.
  2. Navigate to the folder where the AF server is installed (typically Program files\PIPC\AF folder).
  3. Enter the following (with no arguments) to list all current settings. Make a note of them so you can revert back to them later.
  1. Enter the following to set the verification level to NONE.
afdiag /VL:None
  1. Wait at least five minutes for the changes to take effect, and then restart both PI Notifications Service and PI System Explorer.

Disabling verification reduces security. This should only be done as a temporary workaround.

OSIsoft is working to release an updated integrated install kit as soon as possible. After updating your installation with that install kit, be sure to revert the PlugInVerifyLevel from NONE back to its previous value (the default value is AllowUnsigned). Read more about AFDiag in Live Library.