AL00342 - Developer Technologies returning to being distributed with regular licenses
After several years of experimenting with making developer technologies freely available to anyone with an SSO account, we are returning to distributing developer technologies under the normal licensing methods; for example: PI System Access (PSA) and PI DevClub.

Customers will need one of the above to download and create applications.
This is based on several updates that have occurred over the years, most notably:
  • Everyone is now able to receive a free 45 day trial to PI DevClub which includes a PI DevClub server plus all developer technologies.
  • PI Web API is no longer a separate installation kit. Instead, it is delivered within the integrated PI Server installation kit.
    • Note: A PI System Access (PSA) license is still required to deploy your applications. This is long-standing requirement and has not changed. You might think of this as a run-time license. Please talk to your Account Manager if you have questions about PSA licenses.
With the strengthened linkage between developer technologies and a PI Server against which to use the developer technologies, we are streamlining the number of distribution mechanisms for the software.