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KB01365 - Technical Support User's Guide
Product: PI AF / PI Interfaces / PI Data Archive
Version(s): Any

OSIsoft Technical Support's goal is to help our customers gain more value from the PI System. When communicating with us, you should expect to receive answers to your questions about using OSIsoft products, helpful troubleshooting advice for problems with OSIsoft products, and effective workarounds to issues with implementing OSIsoft products when necessary.

Table of Contents

What does OSIsoft Technical Support do?

OSIsoft Technical Support is committed to providing accurate, prompt, and thorough technical assistance for OSIsoft products – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Customers are encouraged to use OSIsoft Technical Support as an essential resource by which they receive information about, and support for, OSIsoft products.

Where is the first place I should look for technical information?

The primary place to find all technical information about OSIsoft products is The OSIsoft Tech Support website. Here, you can access general technical information, product documentation, software downloads, release notes, KB articles addressing frequent questions and issues, Known Issues, Enhancement Requests, our product roadmap, and much more.

You can also create new cases, update and browse your existing cases, and generate PI Data Archive license files directly on this site.

How can I contact OSIsoft Technical Support?

You could contact us via the Tech Support website by opening a new case online, by phone, email, and on PI Square, the OSIsoft community.

Watch the YouTube video below to see how:

st-widget-{image: YouTube_Icon.jpg}OSIsoft: How to Get Help on a Technical Question through PI Square or OSIsoft Tech Support

What information should I provide when asking a technical question?

To help us provide the best support experience, please provide the following information: the issue you are experiencing with relevant screenshots, software version numbers, all relevant configuration files, message logs from the affected time period, and any troubleshooting you have done.  In addition, we will request your Site information or PI Server Serial ID to ensure case logging accuracy and SRP status.

Watch the YouTube videos below for more details:

st-widget-{image: YouTube_Icon.jpg}OSIsoft: Check Versions of Locally Installed PI Products or PI Data Archive Version 

st-widget-{image: YouTube_Icon.jpg}OSIsoft: How to View & Collect the PI Message Logs (PI SDK Logs) 

st-widget-{image: YouTube_Icon.jpg}OSIsoft: How to View & Collect Logs with Windows Event Viewer for PI Applications

st-widget-{image: YouTube_Icon.jpg}OSIsoft: How to Find Your PI Server Serial Number or Site Number

What is OSIsoft Technical Support's area of expertise?

In order to continue providing exceptional customer service to our customers, we are not able to support the following: non-OSIsoft products, third-party software that builds on top of the PI System, systems integration work, custom applications, networking or other IT issues, or training for OSIsoft products. These things are simply out of our area of expertise. However, we would be happy to refer you to other entities better equipped to serve you in these areas.

Where can I see the most up-to-date documentation on OSIsoft products?

The PI Live Library is an online, searchable library of the latest documentation for the PI System. This is one of the best ways to browse documentation for the newest OSIsoft products.

Where can I connect with other OSIsoft customers, get help with using OSIsoft development technologies, and learn more about the PI System in general?

On PI Square, you can ask questions, start discussions, and reach out to other customers, partners, and OSIsoft on anything around PI. To help you find what you are looking for, here are the major spaces:
  • All Things PI: Conversations and ask questions around anything PI. OSIsoft Technical Support monitors this area and will answer any questions you have.
  • PI Developers Club: Conversations and questions around PI development.
  • Learn PI: Free online courses, access to instructors, and help on anything in the PI System.
PI Square is monitored by OSIsoft engineers to ensure all of the questions asked are answered promptly and accurately. All members of the community are encouraged to submit both their questions and answers to contribute to the knowledge base.

Where can I see information about training and classes from OSIsoft?

The OSIsoft Learning department has developed dozens of in-person and online courses for our customers to gain a deeper understanding of OSIsoft products. These are a great way to gain a broad understanding of the PI System, to ask questions about how OSIsoft products function, and to do hands-on exercises.

Where can I see videos of how to configure an interface, install OSIsoft products, or explain technical topics?

The OSIsoft YouTube Learning Channel serves as a supplement to our classroom offerings. We've created hundreds of videos tailored to help customers gain an overall understanding of the PI System, learn new OSIsoft products, and increase their functional knowledge of common OSIsoft products. We are constantly updating the channel with new product feature demonstrations, install walkthroughs, configuration how-to’s, and more, so be sure to subscribe.

Where can I find more information about having an OSIsoft engineer do configuration, installation, and training for my company?

In some instances, it is more beneficial to have an onsite visit or remote work from an OSIsoft Field Service engineer than to work with OSIsoft Technical Support. Typical work includes PI System software installations and upgrades, Asset Based Jump Starts, and custom training. More information and scheduling of Field Service work can be done through your account manager. Alternatively, a list of the standard service packages and regional field service managers can be found on the Request a Field Service Visit page.

Where can I find information about software and services that OSIsoft does not offer?

OSIsoft keeps a close relationship with many strategic partners who offer additional products, services, and solutions for the PI system beyond what OSIsoft currently offers. This includes system integration, custom application development, Original Equipment Manufacturing, and connected services.

How does OSIsoft handle critical issue and bug resolution? 

The majority of Technical Support issues are resolved by Technical Support Engineers exclusively. In the event that Technical Support Engineers need additional assistance from the Escalation team or Engineering to reach a solution, we have processes in place to accommodate that based on the issue’s criticality.  Should any issue require a software change or an enhancement, Engineering will review and determine the next steps based on the impact of the change and priority for a fix with a workaround solution in the meantime if possible.

How to request a conversation with Technical Support management?

You can ask for the Technical Support Engineer’s lead at any time if you believe your issue isn’t being resolved appropriately. The lead will aim to get back to you within one business day.
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