PI System Cyber Security
These links highlight useful documentation, security advisories, technical articles, and utilities, as well as tip sheets highlighting important tasks and issues related to mitigating security risks and tightening security for your PI System.
Policy Date Corporate policy name
  2016-03-11 Ethical Disclosure Policy
Tools Date Essential Tools to check the PI System Security Configuration
  2017-01-23 PI Security Audit Tools
Presentations and Discussions Date Customer insights about PI System security
  2017 Security in Your IoT Networks
  2017 NIST / NCCoE Cyber Security Portfolio
  2017 How secure are your PI Systems? A primer for PI System security baselining
  2017 What’s New in PI Security?
  2016 Recent security-related presentations
  2016 PI Square Security Group
Learning Videos Date Tailor PI Server Security to different groups and applications
  2016-07-07 Configuring PI Data Archive Security (Online Course)
  2016-04-20 Configure PI Server Security playlist
User Documentation Date PI System product documentation on security configuration
  2016-10-21 PI Data Archive 2016 R2 Security Configuration Guide (PDF)
  2016-10-15 PI API 2016 for Windows Integrated Security (Live Library)
  2016-10-15 Auditing the PI Data Archive (Live Library)
  2016-10-15 Security Configuration (Live Library)
  2016-10-15 Securing PI AF objects (Live Library)
  2016-04-22 PI Data Archive 2016 Security Configuration Guide (PDF)
Security Bulletins Date Disclosures of security vulnerabilities with actionable information
See KB01199 for subscription instructions
  2016-12-13 PI Coresight Install Kit or PI Web API module of the PI AF Services Integrated Install Kit can log password
  2016-10-25 Windows Integrated Security (WIS) replaces PI trusts and explicit logins in PI API 2016
  2016-11-10 OSIsoft Releases Security Updates for Core Networking Component in PI System 2016
  2016-09-13 OSIsoft Releases Security Update in PI Web API 2016
  2016-05-10 OSIsoft Releases Security Updates in the PI SQL Data Access Server 2016 included with PI JDBC Driver and PI ODBC Driver
  2016-05-10 OSIsoft Releases Security Update in PI AF Server 2016
MS Security Patch Compatibility List Date Microsoft regularly provides security updates to their Windows operating system. These updates are tested against the most current versions of PI Data Archive and PI Asset Framework (PI AF).
  2017 MS Security Patch Compatibility Homepage
  2016 Procedures for applying MS Security patches
KB Articles Date Knowledge base articles (Troubleshooting and "How to" tips)
  2016-10-06 KB01457 - Using Windows Credential Manager with PI applications
  2015-12-14 KB01295 - Risks of using the PI System as an input for a control system
  2015-09-22 KB01289 - How To Enhance Security in PI ProcessBook Using EMET
  2015-03-12 KB01160 - Securing PI Interfaces with Service Hardening
  2014-10-01 KB01099 - Data Diodes
  2014-09-05 KB01092 - PI System and Data Encryption
  2015-12-11 KB01062 - Anti-virus Software and the PI System
  2014-02-11 KB00994 - Whitelisting with AppLocker
  2013-09-06 KB00864 - How to determine the credentials for a PI Trust
  2016-01-23 KB00833 - Seven best practices for securing your PI Server
  2015-12-15 2820OSI8 - Which firewall ports should be opened for a PI Server?