Release Announcement
PI Manual Logger Web 2017 is released
PI Manual Logger Web 2017 introduces enhanced tour organization features, including searching and sorting tours on the home page as well as filtering tours using URL parameters to reduce the space used in the browser’s local storage. This version also incorporates enhancements to saving tour runs, including saving a tour run and sending data to the server without exiting the tour run, background auto saving of tour runs, and a confirmation dialog when attempting to cancel tour run saves.

Other usability updates include:
  • an indication that tour configurations have been updated
  • barcode navigation in the grid
  • enhanced navigation in the grid using the enter key
  • setting a custom default page size for the grid for all tours.
PI Manual Logger Web 2017 also supports additional tour options and limit trigger options, logging geolocation per tag during a tour run and logging the total time it takes to complete a tour run.
For details on all the enhancements and fixes, please consult the relevant release notes.


Install Kits

  • PI Manual Logger Web 2017 Install Kit

Release Notes

  • PI Manual Logger 2017 Release Notes

User Guides

  • PI Manual Logger 2017 Administrator Guide
  • PI Manual Logger 2017 Data Collector Guide