Release Announcement
PI OLEDB Provider 2017 R2 is released
Update.(December 15, 2017) PI OLEDB Provider 2017 R2 SP1 is now available. It resolves a date format problem identified in the 2017 R2 release, which is no longer available. If you have downloaded the 2017 R2 release and have any questions, please contact OSIsoft Technical Support.

OSIsoft is pleased to announce the release of PI OLEDB Provider 2017 R2, a member of the PI Developer Technologies suite of products.

This release contains several bug fixes and some performance enhancements. This version comes bundled with PI SDK 2016.

OSIsoft will continue to maintain the PI OLEDB Provider but does not plan any major enhancements. For new projects, we recommended using PI OLEDB Enterprise which provides access to PI System data through the PI Asset Framework (AF).