Release Announcement
PI Vision 2017 R2 is released
OSIsoft is embarking on creating a unified visualization infrastructure to support customer needs for the enterprise and their wider community ecosystem. The new name better captures the direction of our visualization strategy. PI Vision represents the start of a new path and the next phase of OSIsoft visualization to deliver a unified, powerful, extensible experience. We have one vision for visualization, and that is PI Vision.

PI Vision is the culmination of several years of customer research around what customers need: a seamless, integrated, mobile visualization experience. Engineering is fundamentally taking a different approach so that it’s not one tool for this, another for that. The change will seem small now, but when we look back 5 years from now, we will see that this is the point at which we diverged from separate individual tools to an integrated visualization infrastructure.

With PI Vision 2017 R2, you can access and visualize PI System data using a web browser.  The browser based display editor allows rich graphic displays or quick ad-hoc investigation.  Displays are easily and securely shared with other users and can be viewed on large screens or small mobile devices. Some of the key new features of this version are:
  • Display Organization - Important PI Vision displays can be organized into a folder hierarchy on the home page, allowing easier classification, location and retrieval of displays. In addition, PI Vision Administrators now can view private displays on the PI Vision home page, as well as change the display settings for those displays.
  • Asset-Relative Display Enhancements - The related assets feature in PI Vision has been enhanced to give display authors more control over asset-relative displays. Display authors can use asset search criteria to configure the list of assets in the asset swap dropdown on a display or, a dynamically wide dropdown so long asset names and paths are visible. The asset selector now affects the search root for collections and dynamic tables on the display. Display users can also quickly find an asset and change display context by filtering the asset dropdown list by asset name.
  • XY Plot Symbol - The XY Plot symbol is no longer designated a CTP (Community Technology Preview) symbol in this version of PI Vision. The XY Plot allows visualizing correlations between process variables for a specified time range and compare correlations across assets and time ranges.
  • Events Table – The Events Table symbol is no longer designated a CTP symbol in this version of PI Vision. The Events table shows all events for defined search criteria. Display users can view, acknowledge and enter reason codes for a dynamically updating list of events in real-time.
  • Event Frame Reason Codes - Users can now enter reason codes from a pre-defined reason code hierarchy on Event Frames in the Events Table and on the Event Details page for Event Frame attributes that are defined as Reason traits in PI AF 2017 R2.
  • Asset Comparison Table Multi-stating – Visualize KPIs and limit violations across assets by defining multistate limits and colors for attributes in the Asset Comparison Table.
  • Display Updates – Font sizing for text and value symbols, number formatting, active hyperlinks for URL-formatted values, support for the ‘excluded’ AF attribute property and a new data export format.