Release Announcement
PI Security Audit Tools is released
To demystify PI security and help assess the security posture of deployed systems, we’ve created a tool to help baseline the security configuration of PI System components.  This tool is a PowerShell module that performs validation checks for the machine, PI Data Archive, PI AF Server, SQL Server, and PI Vision, indicating areas where the security configuration is out of compliance with best practices, and providing actionable information to address the issue.

For the release, we’ve implemented the following improvements and additions:
  • Bug fixes and user experience improvements based on user feedback.
  • New PI Web API validation check module
  • (Beta) PI Vision Kerberos Configuration Tool (PI Dog) enhanced to support PI Web API and PI SQL DAS. Utility output updated to include recommended commands to correct issues it identifies.
Visit the PI Security Audit Tools Repository on GitHub to see the latest developments and provide feedback. All issues addressed in this release be found in the repository as closed issues with the v2.1.1.0 label.