Release Announcement
PI System Connector is released

New Connector

OSIsoft is excited to announce the official release of the PI System Connector. PI Connectors are OSIsoft’s newest technology, similar to PI Interfaces that collect data from sensors and control systems. They are designed to require minimal configuration and simplify the collection of data by intuitively scanning for a specific device protocol, collecting PI Points, and automatically creating a PI Asset Framework (AF) model for your asset.

Product Overview

PI System Connector provides a convenient and autonomous solution to constantly sync and move data between a source and destination PI System. The connector reads and moves PI AF hierarchy from a source to destination PI System along with the associated AF library objects and the referenced PI points.

PI System Connector requires PI Connector Relay version and PI Data Collection Manager

Key Features
  • Reads and moves AF objects - from source to destination, which include, elements, element templates, event frames, categories, digital sets, enumeration sets, internal tables, UOM objects and reference types.
  • Detects all referenced PI points - within the PI AF hierarchy on source system and automatically creates corresponding PI points on the destination system. In addition to auto tag creation, the connector also continuously moves archived data for those PI points.
  • Identifies and automatically syncs - changes made to the PI AF Objects and PI points on the source, to the destination.
  • Supports data buffering - at the connector node during loss of connection between the connector and the PI Connector Relay.
  • Supports encrypted and lossless compression of data - between the connector and PI Connector Relay, which reduces the bandwidth required to transfer data.
  • Supports PI points data backfill - both during initial start-up and also during a connection interruption between source and destination PI System. The PI System Connector supports in-order data backfill.


Components and Supported Operating Systems

  • Supported on Windows (7 SP1, 8, 10, Server 2008 SP2, Server 2008 R2 SP1, Server 2012 and Server 2016)
  • PI System Connector
  • PI AF Client 2017 R2 (x64)
  • PI Network Subsystem (PINS) 3.4.415.1143



  • Please see the connector release notes for more details on enhancements and quality improvements included with this release.
  • Please see the user guide for more information about this connector.
  • Please see the PI System Connector playlist on OSIsoft’s Youtube learning channel which walks the user through an overview of the connector and an easy to follow step by step installation and configuration experience.

You can access all the connector specific information on the PI System Connector details page.



Self Extracting EXE (contains Connector plus PI AF Client 2017 R2 (x64)

Download PI System Connector Install Kit