Release Announcement
PI Server 2018 is released
PI Server 2018 provides many enhancements and bug fixes to PI Data Archive and PI Asset Framework focused on improving performance and usability.

The major new features being introduced in this release include:


  • Introduction of a single combined PI Server setup kit that includes PI Data Archive, PI Asset Framework with Asset Analytics and Notifications, PI Web API, PI System Directory and all dependent components.  Users can choose the desired components to install in a new installation.
  • For a new installation of the PI Data Archive, the default installation does not include PI AF Link Subsystem, PI Alarm Subsystem, PI Performance Equation Scheduler, PI Recalculation Subsystem and PI Batch Subsystem.  Although these are excluded by default, users may elect to install them.

Data Archive

  • Upon initial connection, rather than all clients connecting to the primary member of a Data Archive collective client connections will now be automatically distributed to all available collective members.
    • After an HA failover, failback switches the client connection back to the original member.
    • This feature is only available for AF SDK based applications. To enable this feature on a client computer, please consult the relevant release note.
  • PI Network Manager Service and PI Message Subsystem Service will be configured to run under Least Required Privileges on Data Archive and Client nodes
  • Scheduled Archive Shifts for easier maintenance of archives

PI Asset Framework

  • Ability to preserve IDs when importing AF objects.
  • Multiple improvements to AF Audit Trail including more flexible exports and ability to exclude audit events from specific users such as a service account.
  • Bulk deletion of event frames based on a defined time range in combination with a specific template and database if desired.
  • Support for attribute and attribute template Display Digits similar to how PI Tags can be configured with DisplayDigits.
  • Support for new Element traits including Health Status and Health Score.
  • Bi-linear interpolation of AF tables.

Asset Analytics

  • Improvements to analyses evaluation grouping to minimize overall performance impact of dependent analyses.
  • Native integration with MATLAB Production Server.
  • Pulse, step and step continuous event frames generation based on a trigger attribute.
  • Improved handling of excluded attributes.
  • Dynamic output timestamps based on an Expression variable.
  • Users can optionally recalculate all dependent analyses.
  • Initial support for Arrays including several new functions to populate arrays as well as support for arrays in existing functions.


  • Option to be notified only at the close of an event frame.
  • Support for Windows environments that enforce the use of U.S. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) cryptographic algorithms.
  • Official support for multiple notification email recipients.
  • Search for a Windows Active Directory contact using their email address.
  • Support for attribute and attribute template Display Digits in Notifications Format. 

PI System Directory

  • First official release of the PI System Directory server.

PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine)

  • First official release of the PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine).
For details on all the enhancements and bug fixes, please consult the relevant release notes.


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