Release Announcement
PI JDBC Driver 2018 is released
OSIsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of PI JDBC Driver 2018, a member of the PI Developer Technologies suite of products. This product is a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver that provides access to PI System data through SQL queries. It implements the JDBC 4.2 API (Java Platform SE8) specification. Windows and other operating systems that support Java are supported.
The PI JDBC Driver 2018 requires an instance of the PI SQL Data Access Server (OLE DB), which in turn requires PI OLEDB Provider and/or PI OLEDB Enterprise.
PI JDBC Driver 2018 also supports connections to the PI Integrator for Business Analytics using PI SQL Data Access Server (Integrator Framework).

Please note that compared to PI JDBC Driver 2018 additional limitations apply. We recommend that you check the System Requirements page before upgrading the software.