Release Announcement
PI SQL Client 2018 R2 Beta is released
OSIsoft is pleased to announce release of the PI SQL Client 2018 R2 Beta.

This Beta release contains an OLE DB provider, ODBC driver and JDBC driver that communicate with the PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine), which implements a new PI SQL query engine designed to improve performance and scalability of SQL processing. PI SQL Client 2018 R2 BETA supports access to the Asset Framework and Event Frames.

This BETA release supports OLEDB and ODBC connections to PI AF Server 2018 and later. JDBC connections require PI AF Server 2018 SP2 and later.

For PI SQL Client connections the PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine) needs to be enabled on the server. This is an option in the install of the PI Server 2018.

We welcome feedback! Please contact us at instead of calling Technical Support.


This download is a ZIP file that includes the install kit and user documentation.