Release Announcement
PI OPC DA Server 2018 is released
OSIsoft is pleased to announce the general availability of PI OPC DA Server 2018. PI OPC DA Server is an OPC server for the PI Data Archive. It implements the OPC Data Access (DA) standard v2.05. It supports browsing, synchronous reads, asynchronous reads, read on change (also known as "advise" data), and both writes and deletes. Some highlights of this release:
  • More efficient processing of PI point database changes including changes in PI point security,
  • Merging of PI point database changes made while the PI OPC DA Server is not running,
  • ItemIDs are now case-insensitive,
  • Option to have the PI OPC DA Server generate timestamps instead of the PI Data Archive,
  • Option to send "advise" data when only the timestamp has changed,
  • Improved representation of substituted, annotated and questionable flags on PI data values,
  • Whitelist/Blacklist to allow you to configure specific PI Data Archives to include or exclude
Full details of enhancements, bug fixes and known problems can be found in the PI OPC DA Server 2018 Release Notes.