PI Interface Tools and Utilities

PI AutoPointSync Automatically synchronizes PI tags with your control system.
PI Buffer Subsystem PI Buffer Subsystem or "pibufss" is automatically installed with any new PI Interface (PR1 or later) or the PI Interface Configuration Utility. This is an actual subsystem of the PI Server that runs on the interface nodes or client nodes. It was introduced with High Availability and is designed to work with PI 3.4.375.38 and later. It can buffer large amounts of data and is less taxing on the PI Server than the PI Buffer Server since compression is done on the data collection node, rather than the PI Server itself. It can buffer data from both PI API-based interfaces and PI SDK-based applications. See KB00042 for more information.
PI Buffer Server (bufserv) and PI Buffering Utility (pibufutil)
Otherwise known as "bufserv," this API-based buffering mechanism is automatically installed with the PI API/PI SDK and the PI Interface Configuration Utility. It has been available for many years, is versatile and runs on all platforms; however it buffers only data from PI API-based interfaces and lacks some of the advantages of the newer PI Buffer Subsystem. See KB00042 for more information comparing the two. Bufutil is a command line utility that examines the current state of PI Buffer Server buffering service and shuts down the bufserv process. When run without arguments, the program presents a simple text menu of choices on all platforms. Certain functions in bufutil can be run in non-interactive mode through the use of command switches. See KB00363 for details.
PI Interface Configuration Utility (PI ICU) Consolidates the setup and configuration options required for all new and many existing PI Interfaces.
PI Interface Status Utility (PI ISU) This is actually an interface that provides a means of indicating to a user that data from a given interface is stale, in other words, that no fresh data is being sent from the interface to the PI Server.
PI SDK Utility Provides troubleshooting features, such as checking connectivity, performing tag searches, viewing message logs, and enabling tracing. PI SDK Utility is a replacement for About PI SDK. See PI SDK Utility and About PI SDK for more information.