PI Interfaces collect data from external data sources, providing real-time, fault-tolerant data to the PI System.

PI Connectors are OSIsoft’s newest technology, similar to PI Interfaces, that collect data from sensors and control systems. They are designed to require minimal configuration and simplify the collection of data by intuitively scanning for a specific device protocol, collecting PI Points, and automatically creating a PI Asset Framework (AF) model for your asset.

More than 400 standard PI Interfaces provide connectivity to most distributed control systems, SCADA, PLC, lab, and other business information systems. To find the appropriate PI Interface or PI Connector for your information system and its appropriate system requirements, use the Search above. Below are some of the more popular interfaces:

PI AMI Interfaces The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Interfaces are included with OSIsoft MDUS. PI Head End Interfaces are part of OSIsoft's AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) product.
PI Connector for OPC UA PI Connector for OPC UA is designed specifically to transmit data between OPC UA Servers and the PI System.
PI Interfaces for BES and MES PI Interfaces for Batch Execution Systems and MES Systems create the complex batch events in PI Batch and PI Event Frames from the rich information available in batch execution systems & MES Systems enabling customers to easily view their real-time process data within the context of their product and batch.
PI Interface for OPC DA The PI OPC Interface is a COM custom interface designed specifically for the OSI PI Server. It interoperates with any OPC Server.
PI Interface for OPC HDA The PI OPC HDA Interface is an OPC HDA COM interface for bi-directional data transfer between an OPC HDA Server and an OSIsoft PI System.
PI Interface for OPC Alarms
and Events
PI OPC Alarms and Events defines a means for transmitting alarm and event information between OPC servers and clients.
PI to PI Interface Transfers data from one PI server (the source server) to another PI server (the receiving server) via TCP/IP.
PI Event Frames Generator PI Event Frames Generator (PIEFGen) generates events (event frames) in the PI AF database based on values from trigger tags in the PI Server.
PI Interface Tools and Utilities PI Interface Tools and Utilities includes PI AutoPointSync, PI Buffer Subsystem, PI Buffer Server and PI Buffering Utility (pibufutil), PI Interface Configuration Utility (PI ICU), PI Interface Status Utility (PI ISU), and PI SDK Utility.